Planks Clothing Ltd

We are seeking interest in the stock, assets and intellectual property of Planks Clothing Ltd a major skiwear & accessories brand.
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12/06/2024 12:00 pm
UK & France

01924 245 040


Acting on behalf of the directors pending appointment of a Liquidator we are urgently seeking interested parties in the Stock, Intellectual Property and Assets of the above company.

Accounts Information

YE 31/5/23T/O: £1,377,676 GP: £521,135 Profit/(Loss): (£665,525)

YE 31/5/22T/O: £1,208,495 GP: £363,590 Profit/(Loss): (£958,986)

YE 31/5/21 – T/O: £1,136,183 GP: £133,514 Profit/(Loss): (£936,391)

YE 31/5/20 – T/O: £1,619,152 GP: £457,312 Profit/(Loss): (£815,871)

Assets for Sale

Brand, Brand Name, Trademark (UK00003015830), Website/Domain Name/Intellectual Property/Customer List

Stock – Consisting of Skiwear Clothing & Accessories. COGS value: c£185,000. Please Note: Stock located in UK and France and subject to claim from third party warehouse owners.

Further Information

For further information please contact Carol Allen on to receive a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Deadline for expressions of interest and indicative offers 12 June 2024 with a view to complete ASAP thereafter.